What types of maps are available in eHQ Places?

    eHQ Places allows you to select from a range of maps from within the system including street and satellite maps as well as your own Shapefile maps, WMS 1.3.1 and WMS 1.1.1 and KML maps.

    What type of pins are available within eHQ Places?

    Places provides a library of some 100 pins for use as well as the capacity for you to create and colour your own pins.

    What types of shapes or layers can be added to eHQ Places?

    eHQ Places allows you to add and separately colour multiple polygon, line and point shapes within a map. When using polygon shapes for example to capture feedback, the polygon shapes will only allow pins to be placed within the area the consultation area/s defined by the polygon shape/s. 

    Can participants include a photograph with their pin to substantiate their comment?

    Yes. eHQ Places allows your participants to upload a photograph with their comment on a pin. The photograph is also visible to other participants.

    Can we delve deeper with a survey associated with pins?

    Yes. eHQ Places allows you to include a short quantitative survey to pins for a deeper dive into why they have selected and placed their pin.