What are the key capabilities of eHQ survey?

    The EngagementHQ survey tool allows multiple surveys to be created within a single consultation project, and includes the follow key elements:
    • The ability to add video, images and rich media accompanied by text within the survey introduction.
    • The ability to make questions mandatory or non-mandatory.
    • The ability to add a note to a question.
    • The ability to add survey section headings
    • The ability to create individual survey pages
    • The ability to apply skip logic to a range of question responses.
    • The ability for participants to save and return to complete their survey
    • The ability to choose from a range of question types including:
      • Essay Questions
      • Single Line Questions
      • Dropdown Questions
      • Radio Button Single Choice Questions
      • Check Box Multiple Choice Questions
      • Likert Questions
      • Ranking Scale Questions
      • Date Selection
      • Number Questions
      • File Upload Function
      • Location Selection
      • Email Address
    • The capacity to input hard copy survey data.
    • The capacity to permit anonymous/unverified participation.
    • The capacity to filter survey results through filtering and cross analysis, and to undertake analysis of qualitative survey feedback through the EngagementHQ comment analysis function
    • The ability to add a completion/thank you note to the survey including links, for example, to other engagement tools in use within the engagement project.
    • The ability to send an automated copy of a participant’s completed survey to the participant for their own record.
    • The ability to use the survey as a form to capture for example RSVPs with the capacity to automatically direct the completed form or survey to multiple Council/staff email addresses. 

    Is survey the most widely used tool?

    Yes, it is.